Kenneth Yuen is a Los Angeles and Vancouver based artist. Yuen received his BFA from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC, Canada (2018), then completed his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts (2020). Yuen is also the co-founder and current lead project manager of fabrication shop/artist-run space, Full Service Creative in Los Angeles, California. Adjacent to being an artist, Yuen has participated in exhibitions in the role of curator.

At the core of Yuen's practice is sculpture. Currently Yuen is interested in the exploration of material phenomenology, at an intersection of form. This interest often manifests in the employment of materials and forms that function as semiotic signifiers that refer to historical-cultural contexts or possible masquerading identities. In regards to this masquerade, Yuen is also interested in the notions of objects that would possibly do the same; that an object could possibly function in realms of duality. Yuen seeks to explore the aesthetics of mechanical manufacturing, the notions of the handmade, the artist’s hand and the apparent absence of the latter in relationship to chosen materials and how this may lead to questions of an object’s place in context. However, Yuen is not so much interested in the questions of biography, instead is interested in cultural experience and where that may intersect with said possible masquerading identities of an object.